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Alluring Tours understands a traveler’s struggle to choose a holiday amongst thousands of options online. We understand the fears of a traveler, of a tour going wrong. Alluring Tours has devised a unique value for money Index that compares hundreds of variables of tours you choose and compares them scientifically, to provide a recommended tour that gives you value per dollar you spend. The higher the value, the higher the probability of satisfaction, so now you will be able to understand the value Trafalgar Tours of Italy will give as compared to Globus Tours to Italy.

For Alluring Tours, it is not about our business size or cliches that most travel companies speak of. Alluring Tours is an attempt to make traveling a right of every individual and not just a privilege. We believe, there is no classroom in the world that teaches you more than your travel experiences does. We are aware that there are still millions of people around the world, who have not stepped out of their cities/states ever in their lives. For many, the concept of travel is ridden with fears of things going wrong in an alien land, which overpowers their desires to experience the freedom and knowledge travel can provide.

These inconveniences are what we endeavor to eradicate and provide a liberating experience to all. And we start this by introducing the World’s first Value for Money Index in group travel. Our ideology is to bring ease in choosing the right tour for you, by calculating the index based on your primary preference. To make this happen, we have collated and collaborated with some of the best tour operators in the world, that operate fixed departure group tours.

With our unique interface, you can now do a direct comparison of various features of the tours you like to arrive at the best journey, that can fit your unique needs and expectations. All you need is to fixate your mind on a destination and pick tour options that various tour companies provide and compare them side by side, parameter per parameter and make a decision. We will soon be adding another part, comparing all the features of the tours you have chosen and recommend a ‘Value for Money’ calculation. Based on a proprietary algorithm that carries out a series of complex calculations, VFMI uses hundreds of parameters that a traveler does not even know exists and critically compares multiple really excellent tours and provides a winner, amongst the ones compared. This process is practically impossible for any human user to achieve, especially when someone does not know the nuances of travel industry.

Alluring Tours brings this expertise from their years of experience in travel designing, planning and execution and convert it in to an intelligent algorithm, backed by a super simplified and nimble User Interface that gives a clean and easy comparison and verdict. To add more ease to the process, only the best tour operators of the world have been nominated, to ensure that there is almost no margin of error. You will get to choose tours between Globus, Cosmos, Avalon Waterways, Trafalgar Tours, CostSaver, AIT, Collette and many similar experts in the global travel industry.

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