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Image by Mark Harpur
Enchanting Indonesia

Medan, Bohorok, Berastagi & Samosir

7 Nights & 8 Days

Our eight day Indonesia tour program offers everything to make your visit to Indonesia truly enchanting! This itinerary is ideal for travelers who are looking for a cultural as well as an adventurous exploration in Indonesia. A visit to Indonesia is incomplete without seeing the architecture of the famous palace with Malayan, Mogul & Italian influences. The journey starts with a sightseeing in Medan, and takes you to visit a famous national park followed by the mountain town of Berastagi & villages of the Batak. While on one hand, you would see the bustling city life and architecture, on the other you would get an opportunity to explore the local villages, wildlife, green forests, hot springs and rivers. You will find a bit of everything and more when you make a visit to Indonesia with this itinerary.

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