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Indian Architecture


‘INDIA’! One of the most diverse & beautiful countries in the world, known for being a traveler’s delight that it is, has  been responsible for converting many ordinary men in to poets, philosophers, artists and photographers, which only speaks volumes about this country that is a world with in itself. The land ruled by the greatest Kings and Emperors is the original birth place of Luxury, structures of which still prevails, tales of which are still spoken of. It is rightly believed to be a blue print of the world, as you will find everything that you seek, right here. Attempts to describe this Incredible discovery has been made by the likes of Mark Twain, Max Mueller, George Bernard Shaw, Sir William Jones and many more yet they have fallen short of any words that can best describe this host of 5000 year old living civilization, possibly the oldest in the world. What you experience now is a story of evolution of a country that now bristles with an eclectic mélange of ethnic groups which proves to be an intoxicating cocktail for its travelers. 

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A Princess' Diary

An exclusive tour for women to discover the extraordinary reign of royal women of India and experience royalty!

Image by Varun Verma

Festival of Colors

Get soaked in colors and savor festive delicacies on this fun-filled and colorful group tour!

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Festival of Lights

Witness the city glowing in light of earthen lamps and fireworks celebrating the ancient saga of victory of good over evil!


The Sacred Ganges

Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambience of this 5000 years old living civilization that still follows centuries old rituals!