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Japan tours Tori Gate


With over thirty million travelers visiting every year, Japan is among the top travel destinations in the world. It is a classical international tourist destination where ancient traditions are beautifully merged with modern life. The country is an archipelago of more than 6,800 islands in the Pacific Ocean and houses magnificent buildings, techno wonders, gorgeous festivities, traditional art forms. Japan’s top tourist attractions include Golden Pavilion, Todaji Temple, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Imperial Palace, Mount Fuji, Great Buddha of Kamakura, etc. Apart from being a major tourist destination, Japan is also known as a shopping paradise, offering everything from traditional souvenirs & local food to the latest in electronics featuring some of the latest brands. From exploring the grand temples and meeting a Geisha to taking a super-fast bullet train, our Japan tours include all these cultural highlights as well as some lesser-known hidden treasures.

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