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Image by Sergey Pesterev


Nepal is an amalgamation of ancient monasteries, fabulous treks, snow-clad peaks and friendly locals. Its cultural heritage is witnessed in the rich traditions, temples and intriguing architecture found in its various cities. Visitors can experience Nepal’s divinity and holy rituals that symbolize serenity and peace. This is a country with ethnic pride, a powerful attachment to traditional ways and an astounding flair for festivals, making the visitors fall in love with this small yet magnificent country. There are so many different ways that one can explore the many attractions and landscapes. Be it the sight of the Himalayan peaks with the first rays of the sun or absorbing the beauty of the famous Pokhra lake at Pokhra, every experience is surreal! A helicopter tour to the nearest point of viewing of the Himalayas and a trek to the Everest base camp are on the wish list of every adventure seeker fascinated by these famous mountain ranges. With contrasts of monasteries, temples, natural beauty and wildlife along with the adventurous activities, Nepal’s beautiful, breathtaking landscape will leave you wanting more.

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