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Festival Celebration
Festival of Colors

Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Deogarh, Udaipur, Delhi

11 Nights & 12 Days

India is an infinite kaleidoscope of different cultures, each with its own traditions and rituals. The enthusiasm and faith are the constant features that add to the charm of the Indian festivals. This country has a wealth of festivals which perfectly exemplifies the colorful range of our Indian culture. Celebrated with enthusiasm and serenity throughout the year, Indian festivals are like a breeze of fresh air in the everyday routine. The cultural tours and festival tours are the best way to witness the deep-rooted culture and participate in these festivals. Every season in India brings with it different festivals that have been celebrated since its inception. The festival of ‘Holi’ is the beginning of Spring in India. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and is also celebrated as gratitude for a good harvest. The most colorful of all the festival tours in India, this one allows you to be a part of the local celebrations, while exploring the famous architectural wonders & cuisines of India.

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